Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art for the Apocalypse and Custom Work

2012 is nearing to an end, and I would like to show some of the work I did in the beginning of the year:

While I had a lot of ideas for Undead Machinery, I only recently decided to showcase them on the internet. I had a lot of excess work, which wasn't connected to any of my main projects, so it helped from an organizational standpoint to assemble it all into one blog. However, I hadn't shown what I had created during the time of my final exams. Since I primarily focus on comics, illustrations and writing, the only term I can find for this is "artwork". 

My point being, I'm considering taking commissions for custom artwork, illustrations and various designs. I will go into further detail on that in another post, but I can tell you that there will be a free trial before charging a fee on "Tryout Tuesday".

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