Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Grim Reaper > Death Inc. > Page 3

  Madison rested her head, now delightfully attached to her body, on the arm of the living room sofa. Her parents would be home soon, and would most likely be shocked by the amount of blood oozing across the floor, making it seem as though the cleaning lady had confused Mr. Clean with thick cherry Kool-Aid. She still remembered what had happened before resurrecting. The land of the dead was strange and frightening indeed, but it somehow had phased her less than expected. She had spent so many years trying to be normal, that she had almost forgotten who she used to be.

Madison, age 12, tampers with an assortment of objects in an attempt to communicate with the deceased.

This was actually the second time she had cheated Death. The first had happened when she was much younger. Her head started to ache, and she curled up on the side of the couch, feeling suddenly cold. She had thought the last time she'd tricked her fate had really been the absolute last time.

Knock knock.

Must be the parents. That's okay, they'll find the keys sooner or -


She sat up abruptly, peering above the back of the seat. The cops barged into the house, brandishing both guns and flashlights. They walked frantically around the room, before reaching Madison, laying unconscious on the couch.

  She had sent the letter to the Reaper, and mailed it off upon her return home, with more than enough time to arrive back at the scene. Now, she was laying peacefully on the sofa, despite what surrounded her. There were several pools of blood, not all of them had been hers. What the police found was a common incident. What had really happened was far more bizarre. They discovered a body, a young man's. It was the boyfriend, his forehead pierced with a bullet wound. Blood spattered on the walls and floor. Another pool of blood, by the couch. They were not entirely sure as to where it had originated from. What they did believe is he had caused it himself: his right hand still rested on the trigger. When they arrived, the girl was alive. In reality, what had occurred was technically a murder. But, only one of them had died permanently, and would make an otherworldly appearance in an attempt to kill again. This time, with more than one target.

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