Saturday, November 17, 2012


  Maya was a little girl walking down the path of a deep forest. There where cypresses along the road which she skipped along joyously. There wasn't much to do around her grandmother's besides walk the forest path. She would pretend there were monsters and wolves in the darkness, they would jump out and scare her. Then, she would remove the kitchen knife from her pocket and pretend to stab them. It was thrilling. But, she was always home by nightfall.

  This, Maya had remembered forever. She was dead now. Once, a real monster had attacked her. A monster disguised as a man. He had used an unloaded gun, which he'd tried to hit her with. She had stabbed him in the head: a fatal blow. Afterwards, she'd gone home, eaten her macaroni and cheese, and died of untreated apendicitis.

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