Monday, November 19, 2012

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Day 1

Me after my imprisonment.

It's hot out. Boiling even. I've collected a series of weapons today:

- baseball bat
- tennis racket
- unloaded AK47
- hockey stick
- piece of a telephone wire
- butcher knife

It's officially been 4 years since it happened, so I decided to start off with a new journal. I will give a recap:

December 21st 2012: beginnings of the virus, and extermination of entire populations.

March 25th 2013: living dead collected in masses (by the hundreds in small towns and thousands in bigger cities) and locked in camps. 

September 13th 2013: news of ghettos leaks out. Talk of liberation. More camps are set where the living dead suffer forced labour. 

September 25th 2013: - I discovered that the living dead have the same capacity of thought, emotional wavelengths and overall moral functioning as live human beings.
- The term zombie is coined.

October 15th-17th 2013: Dead break free. I flee to Mexico, but am caught and detained (for further info see walls of professor Ω's basement).

April 3rd 2016: I have broken free, and am writing this outside of a diner, somewhere in the West Indies. A Ferry brought us to shore in exchange for a significant amount of cheese. During the ride, I was able to uncover news of what went on while I was being detained:

October 31st 2015: Science declares war against Religion. Living dead are stripped of all previous rights (if they'd had any before at all). 
January 21st 2016: Professor π takes power, a new regime is installed on a universal scale.

None of us have rested in weeks. I have good news though: we managed to collect a small sample of the virus. Laborers are being created every day because of it, but with a sample, it just may be possible to create an antidote. I am not familiar with much of anything science related, but through observation, it is possible to make an assumption of what causes the body to react in certain ways:

Just pretend this is a body. I don't have much time for details right now.

  1. Decaying of the skin and bones (1st recognizable symptom): main arteries are being blocked, the virus is eating at the immune system and tissue.
  2. Sudden vomiting and bleeding through the orifices: the immune system has been destroyed, the virus now eats at the stomach. Unable to produce its own blood and due to the constant decaying of internal and external muscles, organs and tissue, the victim craves raw flesh and blood. The ingestion of the latter gives the victim increased energy and strength: in reaction to certain bacteria contained in fresh meat, the virus mutates and forms a "protective seal" around muscles and organs, which lasts for several hours.
  3. Regained immunity: at it's final stage, the virus settles throughout the body. Bleeding and vomiting stops, but skin continues to decay, while diet of flesh and blood is maintained. Brain  functions normally all throughout (aside from occasional delirious spells experienced during first few stages of infection, caused by pain). At this point, the immune system has acquired an additional amount of strength, and any wounds inflicted upon the victim in nearly all areas of the body will heal over a short period of time, depending on the severity of the wound. In fact, the only way to kill the victim at this stage is to damage the brain: a head wound caused by a bullet, or a drill through the cranium will usually suffice. More on this later.

Edit: There is another type of virus which causes the victim to become irredeemably violent. Those hit possess even more strength and are an extreme threat. I believe the studies on this are scarce, but I do know-

I have to go now. Will develop later.

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