Friday, December 28, 2012

Gravedigger's playlist of Doom

The Gravedigger is sad and morose. He is not the Undertaker, nor is he the Gatekeeper or the local ghost. Those three have tea parties by headstones and take breaks in coffins, exchanging stories with the dead. But, his only purpose is to carve the rut in which corpses are to be dropped. A job of little importance, which anyone could do and is seldom taken seriously by a single soul. He can be found wandering under the churchyard's weeping willows, swaying to his favorite tunes, radio in hand. Here is the Gravedigger's playlist of doom:

Christian Death - Romeo's Distress (Only Theater of Pain 1982)

Xymox - Craving (Twist of Shadows 1989)

Rasputina - Doomsday Averted (Fustration Plantation 2004)

Lydia Lunch - Suicide Ocean (13.13 1982)

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood (Laugh? I nearly bought one! 1990)

The Horrors - Mirror's Image (Primary Colors 2009)

Faith and the Muse - Willow's Song (The Burning Season 2003)

The Deadfly Ensemble - The Anatomist (An Entire Wardrobe of Doubt and Uncertainty 2006)

Cinema Strange - Tomb Lillies (The Astonished Eyes of Evening 2002)

The Chameleons - Soul In Isolation (Strange Times 1986)

Bat For Lashes - Horse and I (Fur and Gold 2006)

Android Lust - God in the Hole (The Human Animal 2010)

The Bolshoi - Waspy (Friends 1986)

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