Monday, December 10, 2012


It's time for an IAQ. Questions that you are most certainly not asking yourself, or inquiries you most likely have buried in your subconscious but do not feel like addressing, will appear in this first session of Infrequently Asked Questions. Let us note that this can also be read Inquiries And Questions, Infinite Answer Quest or for a touch of whimsy, I Am Qurious. Let us begin...

Q: How often does Undead Machinery update?

A: As often as I have time. This is a side/ pet monster project, so I usually work on stories and activities between my main creations. I needed a place to put all of the extra ideas festering in my head, lest they go on a rampage, so this blog originated from that.

Q: Who or what are you?

A: A human being. More specifically, an individual of the geek species. My main focus in life lies in the creation of comics, absorption of information, technicalities, art and basking in freakiness.

Q: Human! What type of activities do you offer here 'human'?

A: This blog features stories, recipes and Do It Yourself activities for living freaks and undead geeks alike. It is more fun than a sticker book.

Q: Is this thing for kids?

A: Hold your headless horses man, this blog can get a wee disturbing for younger viewers. While many a child is insensitive to gore these days, it is best you keep your Wednesdays and Pugsleys under supervision when it comes to the Bedtime Stories. The Brain Food and Crafts from the Crypt sections are fairly family friendly.

Q: What are the 'trigger warnings' in the stories section?

A: Some people get triggered (feel beyond uncomfortable with certain subjects), and a warning is required to prevent this from happening. Undead Machinery's Bedtime Stories have the following warnings: epilepsy (files labeled .gif), mental illness (depression, eating disorders, etc...), suicide and graphic violence.

Q: When is Depression Bunny going to update?

A: Bunny and I had a discussion about that. I am currently writing drafts for several short strips, and will release them as soon as I am mentally prepared. It is one of those projects that I greatly enjoy, but is stemmed from the unwanted side effects of tormented artist's syndrome. Consequently, the ideas come in bouts, at most unwelcome times and usually result in a period of painful cerebral contortion.

Q: May I speak to the Reaper please?

A: Yes, you can cyber mail him here:

Q: If I disagree with something you've said, done or you have offended me, what should I do?

A: Send an email with the subject titled 'Complaints', along with a message describing the issue and your feelings towards it to

Q: I am an artist too, can I tell you about what I do without having to wear the cone-of-advertising-shame?

A: Sure! As long as it is not spam, and purely conversational feel free to contact the adress above. For those located in an alternate dimension, please take into account the time and space lags.

Q: Will I be able to ask you more questions?

A: Yes, anonymous-person-I-have-created-whose-sole-purpose-is-to-provide-information-to-viewers-via-question-and-answer-format, you will be able to place more inquiries in the next session of IAQ. For now, I have mortal things to attend to. Go make trouble elsewhere foes, I will be seeing you later!

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