Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bottoms Up! Preview of Death Inc. finale.

The last page of Death Inc. is on its way. If you haven't read the beginning, run on over to this link. For those of you with prior knowledge of the chapter, here's a teaser:

  It was a hot sunny day. Well, at least for the living. Madison sat at a desk next to the Reaper’s, in his large office. The temperature in the Underworld was neither hot nor cold, and escaping there at the end of the day had become a slight relief in this month of July. Her desk was slightly smaller, and less imposing than his grand oak wood bureau. She was working away on a typewriter, parchment pouring over the desk to rest lazily on the floor. Sorting names under deceased, living and undead had proven to be a tedious task. Work advanced more rapidly, however, now that school was out of the way. She was the Reaper’s assistant full time. The year had gone by successfully, juggling classes with work. She had signed her contract in September on her first visit to Death Inc., and it was now July. As it turned out, most of what had to be done was typing and barring out names, signaling disturbances on earth, such as hauntings or poltergeists, and occasionally accompanying the Grim Reaper to meetings, conferences and various missions on earth. Things had turned out to be pretty entertaining for the most part. It certainly broke the usual routine. They once even intervened, with father Patrick, in an exorcism gone wrong. She had been introduced to Persephone -a really cool chick- Osiris, Hades, ElegguĂ  and tons of other death deities. She even watched Star Wars with Lucifer on Fridays. That guy was such nerd. In other words, all was going well. So well, in fact, that it was abnormal, like an awkward silence. The year had breezed by, and it felt as though something had been forgotten in the process. Something that had occurred in September was still unresolved… Madison stopped typing for a minute, and thought of this. Something big had been forgotten along the way, and she knew what it was. The silence was about to be broken.

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