Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ask the Reaper about Mortality

Yesterday, I received a mail from a mortal named Ryan:

As a mortal, I am aware that I hold a contract with you that will one day expire.

Dearest perishable living and breathing Ryan, the answer to this statement is both yes and no. If you are like the majority of human beings on this earth, you shall someday kick the bucket. However, if you were to become immortal someday, your contract would extend indefinitely. Who's to say that is not to happen? Here's another thing: when your contracts ends, you might start a new one in the Underworld. You might decide to go "unded 4 lyfe" as a vampire or ghoul. In that case the first one may expire, only to make place for a new one.

Anyhow, props to you for being self aware! Mortality rocks.

Your friendly neighborhood Death God,

The Grim Reaper

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