Sunday, July 14, 2013

Momentary absence

Dear ghouls, ghosts and living creatures,

While sipping green radioactive fluid from my favorite beaker, it occurred to me that I am due to be absent from mid-July to mid-August. My presence at the Shorts and Circuits (more commonly known as "École 42") test is critical. It will determine my passage into the Shorts and Circuits school, where hopefully I will become a better Technical Captain programming quality apps, websites and more. Perhaps, in the meantime, I should be calling myself a Technical Lieutenant. But, I'm tumbling down the steep hill of digression. What I'm getting at is that updates on Undead Machinery will be sparse for a month. I've always made time for this website and will squeeze in as much work as I can! Meanwhile, there is still plenty you can do:

As fall approaches, keep watch for:

  • New additions to the store: book wallets and weird accessories
  • Tea Time of the Dead in print
  • Death on vacation: the Grim Reaper's Comic Con experience
  • Depression Bunny comics
  • News regarding the next Dear Grim Reaper story
I hope to converse with you soon, as we have blueprints on the Underworld's latest shopping mall to go over.

Yours most zanily,

Dr. Calyn E. Rich

P.S: I'm in search of a volunteer to feed my man eating plant. Just ring my mansion.

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