Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Countdown

*'Tis the season for some folly!* That's right freaks, creeps and scary geeks, it's Halloween season and we're ready to celebrate. Of course, the big day feels like a long day away and the wait absolutely interminable - especially it you're immortal- so the doc has cooked something up to increase the pain.

On October 19th, you'll get to enjoy a Halloween advent calendar! Each day, a surprise will be left for you on Undead Machinery. Just sing:

†"On the 13 nights of Halloween the Reaper gave to me!"†

There is no telling what you'll get, unless you are a certified practitioner of divinatory magic, in which case I ask that you kindly keep it to yourself. If you're really curious, save the date and see what awaits...

See you on Saturday! [insert maniacal laughter]

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