Monday, November 18, 2013

DB: Growing Up

This is your captain speaking

Ladies and gentlequeers,

Welcome aboard the cyber-spaceship. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride... unless you're afraid of flying, in which case have fun, sucker! We'll be facing a bit of turbulence, so make sure your seatbelt cord is safely fastened into the USB port. In case of comment showers, immediately take cover in the private forums. If you have questions, are in distress or have lost the ability to groupthink and are experiencing free will, press the big red button above your seat and an animated paperclip will be there to assist you.

Now that you're seated, let's get to the cheese. I will begin computer school as of tomorrow, and as mentioned previously, the program is intense, with little to no vacation or weekends. If I can hold up that long, here is what will be happening on Undead Machinery:

Thank you for viewing the safety video (complete with Reaper cameo and "guess who"). Many thanks for your support as well. Let's see how long this ship can surf!

Goodnight ghouls, enjoy the ride.

- Technical Captain, over and out -

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Contest Extended

Don't throw away your pumpkin!

1st prize: A ghost story about you. You get to be the main character, and elements of your life will be integrated into a sinister short story.

2nd prize: One free commission. I'll draw whatever you want and dedicate it to you.

3rd prize: Your zombie portrait. A portrait of yourself as a cartoon zombie.

Send before: October 31st  November 10th. All prizes will be published on Undead Machinery.

Rules: What rules? THIS IS ANARCHY.