Dear ghouls, ghosts and living creatures,

  I was in the midst of conducting a most dangerous experiment when it suddenly came to my attention that someone may have found themselves captive in my blog. Chances are, if you are reading this letter, that person is you. Welcome to Undead Machinery! Sit down, have a cup of tea and a slice of pizza. Now, let me tell you a story.

  The idea for UM came about while I was working in my lab late one night. My eyes beheld an eerie sight and my monster from his slab began to rise, and suddenly, to my surprise, he told me: "There's nothing on TV". It occurred to me then that television, children's books and radio shows generally catered to the living only. At that moment, I decided to create a place where all beings with a dark sense of humour, be they human, poltergeist or the average vampire, could enjoy interactive entertainment.

For your amusement, I have conducted a series of various experiments resulting in the following stories:

Dear Grim Reaper is a series about a Reaper who teams up with a teenage girl to stop the Underworld from rising. Readers can choose the ending.
- Tea Time of the Dead features zombies drinking tea, all the while starting a revolution.
- Depression Bunny is the colorful tale of a rabbit's enchanting adventure into an abysmal pit of melancholy.
- In addition to these, browse short stories for a quick read.

Flick the channels on television and you'll find A Day in the Life of Death, which chronicles the Grim Reaper's struggle to become an average citizen while doing his daily work.

For you fine citizens that want to cook up your own projects, Crafts from the Crypt presents a series of creepy cutouts, color-ins and creations. Brain Food has a ton of recipes that will resurrect your inner Everyday-Is-Halloween spirit, and keep your monster's stomach from growling at all times.

Interact with the characters, if you dare. Send the Grim Reaper e-letters here and have them featured on the blog, or communicate via Twitter and Facebook.

At present, you'll have to excuse me, for it seems a highly toxic substance has exploded in the darkest room of the darkest tower of my exceptionally dark castle. I'll catch you later. If an emergency presents itself, don't hesitate to send a carrier crow.


Dr. Calyn E. Rich

P.S: For more info blackmail mail@undeadmachinery.com.

To go behind the screams of Undead Machinery, follow the Doctor on Tumblr: undeadmachinery.tumblr.com and Instagram: instagram.com/drcalyn.


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