Brain Food

You're hungry right? Of course you are! Instead of eating your neighbor raw, spice it up a little instead. It's time to go down to your lab and cook something asap. That gray matter isn't going to marinate itself.

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Bloody Beverages:

  • Dracula's Breakfast - healthy beat, grapefruit, pepper and banana shake. It's bloody delicious!

Monstrous Main Courses:

  • Cthulhu's Dinner Call - pasta with green vegetable topping, straight from Lovecraft's vault of horror.
  • Fancy Johns - a mouth watering alternative to the otherwise moderately messy "Sloppy Joe".
  • Lecter's Leftovers - a vegetarian friendly peanut butter tomato sauce.
  • Monster Fuel - pasta with creamy cheese and broccoli sauce, perfect for monsters and their doctors.
  • Monster Mash - a fine vegetable mix fit for any monster.
  • Sasquatch Sauce - tomato and chicken sauce to serve on freshly caught Sasquatch or pasta.

Deadly Desserts:

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