Dear Grim Reaper

Ghosts on a rampage, files to sort, problems to solve. In his headquarters at Death Inc., the Grim Reaper is flooded with routine tasks. His daily adventures range from zombie hunting, to poltergeist problems. Join him in his ultimate quest to keep the Underworld from rising.

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Death Inc.  Madison Wades, a semi-normal teenager living the plastic suburban dream, who happens to have cheated Death twice, is taken on as the Reaper's helper. Little did he know that this candy coated adolescent would cause so many problems. It feels as though things could not possibly be fixed at this point, but there may be one solution...

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Escalator to Heaven: Turns out the stairway to Heaven is a tad too high. As spirits begin to put off their death to escape the final workout, the Reaper must find a solution. But, things twist a turn as his "bright idea" leads to the biggest procrastination problem in undead history.

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